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Steve Brown, Bruce Smith, Greg Kinnear, Sherlock and more

By Alan Pergament

This is what I'm thinking:

Here's one for the bet-you-didn't know department.

When Channel 2's new investigative reporter Steve Brown first worked at the station two decades ago, his roommate was then Channel 7 reporter Steve Boyd. They were college friends.

Boyd left the business to become a lawyer. The two have remained good friends and Boyd recently looked over Brown's new Channel 2 contract before he signed it.

You can read more about Brown's return to Channel 2 and Buffalo in Sunday's Buffalo News.

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The case for and against delaying "Sherlock"

By Alan Pergament

I guess I don't have the investigatory instincts of Sherlock Holmes.

Since my blog last week explaining WNED-TV's reason for delaying the third season of "Sherlock" until 9 p.m. Thursday, Feb.13, I've received several emails protesting the decision.

Many readers aren't buying WNED Station Manager Ron Santora's decision to replay the little-watched first season and the second season on Thursdays now and later air the third season episodes at a more reasonable start time of 9 p.m. than at 10 p.m. on three straight Sundays.

The majority of emails came from Canada, which surprised me. I hadn't realized I had that many Canadian readers. The number of "likes" the initial blog received also surprised me since not that many emailers liked what WNED is doing.

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"Ghost Hunters" episode shot in Buffalo airs next week

By Alan Pergament

To quote Perry White and Bart Simpson, Great Caesar's ghost.

An episode of the Syfy channel series "Ghost Hunters" that was filmed at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park last fall is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 29 on the basic cable channel.

According to a network publicist, the episode features investigations of the USS Little Rock, USS The Sullivans and USS Croaker.

A Syfy summary of the episode, in which TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) travels to Buffalo to investigate paranormal activity on the three former service vessels moored at the Buffalo Naval and Military Park, concludes with the question "On Michelle’s last case with TAPS, will the team be able to reach America’s heroes?"

The Michelle in question appears to be investigator Michelle Tate.

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Local AFC, NFC title ratings soar

By Alan Pergament

If the local ratings for the AFC and NFC title games are any indication, the Western New York audience for the 2014 Super Bowl should be at near record levels.

Denver's 26-16 victory over New England in the earlier game for the AFC title Sunday had a prelininary rating of at least 34.3 on WIVB (Channel 4), the local CBS affiliate, and it could go as high as 35.6. A year ago, Baltimore's win over New England in the later game had a 30.6 rating, which means this year's rating was at least 12 percent higher than a year ago.

The WNY rating for Denver-New England was considerably higher than the 29.5 that CBS averaged nationally in overnight markets and that rating was its second highest in 27 years for a conference title game.

Seattle's 23-17 victory over San Francisco had a 34.7 preliminary rating on WUTV, the local Fox affiliate. That is more than 20 percent higher than San Francisco's NFC title win over Atlanta in the earlier game last year.

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WNED-TV "Sherlock" mystery is solved

By Alan Pergament

The mystery of how long WNED-TV will be hiding the latest episodes of the Masterpiece Mystery! series "Sherlock" has been solved.

While the first of three new episodes starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes begin airing on the national PBS schedule this Sunday, WNED is carrying a program in its place that is 16 years old, according to the Time Warner Cable channel guide.

WNED has confirmed it will begin airing the "Sherlock"' episodes on Thursday, Feb. 13 and run the other two on Feb. 20 and Feb. 27, respectively.

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Wild about Harry's performance on "American Idol"

By Alan Pergament

Near the end of tonight's two-hour season premiere of "American Idol XIII," there is a recurring joke that suggests this year's  contestants know judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban very well but they couldn’t pick newcomer Harry Connick Jr. out of a lineup.

If America doesn’t know who Harry is already, they will know after the season premiere, which airs at 8 tonight on WUTV, the local Fox affiliate.

"Hatchet Harry" -- as J-Lo nicknames him near the end of the night -- steals the show.

Or to put it in "Idol" parlance, Harry makes the show his own.

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Ch.2 expands Heaney's contract for doing deeper investigations

By Alan Pergament

After further investigation, the hiring of former Fox News reporter Steve Brown isn't the only way that Channel 2 is going to increase its investigative presence.

All right, it wasn't a deep investigation, more like some of the quickies done by Channel 4 and Channel 2 occasionally.

I made one phone call.

I asked Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner to expand upon about a brief side comment about Jim Heaney of the Investigative Post that he made when announcing Brown's return to the station after almost 20 years.

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A blizzard of notes on weather coverage

By Alan Pergament

Shoveling out the the notebook as the weather coverage calms down:

I awoke this morning in time to see two separate reports on NBC's "Today" reference the blizzard in Buffalo.

In one of the reports, the reporter noted that "neither rain, nor sleet nor polar vortex can stop this mail carrier in Buffalo."

Then footage ran of the Buffalo mailman saying "I've never delivered mail in a storm like this."

The poor guy gets his 15 seconds of fame and his face wasn't even shown. It was so covered up that viewers couldn't see who was delivering the mail.

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WNYer's "inspiring story" on "American Pickers"

By Alan Pergament 

During a pre-show interview for an appearance on the popular cable show "American Pickers,"  a former Western New York volunteer firefighter was repeatedly told "good stuff, good stuff."

The "Pickers" production member wasn’t talking about all the stuff around Frank Raquet's barn in Akron eventually to be picked by co-hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fitz.

He was referring to Raquet's  personal story, which the History Channel series has called "inspiring" in its synopsis of the episode that airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday on the basic cable channel.

Here's part of the synopsis of the episode of a series that the History Channel says looks for hidden antique and collectible gems at junkyards, basements and barns: "The guys hit upstate New York where a fellow picker and former firefighter shares his inspiring story and gives them unprecedented access to his jam-packed barns and sheds. The deals start flying, but it¹s the firefighting memorabilia that's got Frank (co-star Frank Fritz) all fired up."

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Golden Globes smartly reward "The Good Wife," flee "Homeland"

By Alan Pergament

What no "Homeland"?

No "Mad Men"?

No argument here.

Those two much-honored cable series were ignored in today's announcement of the Golden Globe nominations.

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