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New Niagara Falls School Board member wants more background information on hires, promotions

One of the two newest Niagara Falls School Board members wants the board to be presented with more timely information about the backgrounds of employees being hired or promoted.

Before the first item of business was taken up at Tuesday's Niagara Falls School Board meeting, new board member Ronald J. Barstys saw a problem.

It was the first regular meeting of the new school year - the first meeting for him and the other newly elected board member, Anthony F. Paretto.

Just after the meeting was called to order shortly after 5:30 p.m., Barstys made a motion to go into executive, or private, session to talk about personnel matters that may involve the hiring or firing of employees.

After about 40 minutes behind closed doors, the board emerged and reviewed the personnel report - a list of hires, promotions and other personnel moves the board takes up each month.

There were many more personnel items than usual, Superintendent Cynthia A. Bianco said, because the district is doing a lot more curriculum work over the summer than it had been doing in recent years.

"I still wanted some information on some of names on the report and wasn’t able to get that information," Barstys said before voting against approving the personnel report.

After the meeting, Barstys said he wanted to see more background info, including resumes, along with the personnel report.

Barstys said he was told that all of that information is already available in the district's human resources department.

The district is going to work on getting more of that information to board members directly and far enough before a meeting so they can review it properly, Barstys said he was told.

Barstys said he "couldn't in good conscience" vote in favor of the report.


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