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Dyster praises Cuomo's State of the State address

Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster, a strong supporter of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, on Thursday issued a statement about the governor's State of the State address:

“Gov. Cuomo's address provided both a look back at the many accomplishments of the past year and a preview of priorities and initiatives for 2014. From initiatives to reduce the state's tax burden to an effort to fund educational innovation through a bond referendum, the governor continues to offer bold and imaginative solutions to the state's most pressing problems. I was particularly impressed with his unflagging commitment to upstate economic development, his forceful defense of his initiative on ethics reform, and his timely reminder to the Legislature that the time to pass the Women's' Equality Act is now.”

Cuomo has taken an active approach in the Falls, which many observers believe has led to the state doing more here than it has under other recent governors.


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Aaron Besecker

Aaron Besecker

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