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Audio: Niagara Falls re-ups with Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

Lawmakers in the City of Niagara Falls on Monday night renewed the city's membership with the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, the regional business development and marketing group based in Buffalo.

The City Council approved $50,000 in funding by a 3-1 vote. Funding from the city's share of casino revenue will be used to pay for it. Here's the audio from the vote:

Council Chairman Charles A. Walker said the city does not have anyone currently on staff whose job it is to do what the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise does. The city has property to market, and finding future development opportunities will help grow the tax base, Walker said, describing continued membership as "investing in our city" and helping to drive economic development.

Councilman Glenn A. Choolokian voted against the measure, questioning the use of casino funding for the expenditure. Choolokian said such funds should be spent on "things that affect everyday lives."

Councilman Robert A. Anderson Jr. abstained from the vote and said after the meeting the membership "is not an investment." Anderson said he abstained - instead of voting no - because it would be easier to change his vote if he abstained rather than if he declared one side or the other.

The National Development Council mentioned during the vote by Councilwoman Kristen M. Grandinetti is the non-profit firm hired by the city for $72,000 a year that helps it negotiate with businesses who may be interested in locating here.


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