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Proposal would restore free garbage pickup to many small businesses in Niagara Falls

About 400 small businesses in Niagara Falls would see free curbside pickup of garbage and recycling restored under the latest proposal from the Dyster administration.

The administration wants city lawmakers to approve changes in the new garbage contract that would include pickup at some businesses.

The Dyster administration also has asked for other additions, including pickup at two properties managed by the Niagara Falls Housing Authority. Residents there had already been receiving free curbside pickup, but they were inadvertently left out of the contract approved by the City Council in April. The pickup cost for those properties is estimated at nearly $39,000.

To pickup at the businesses - which were previously sent letters by the city advising them to procure private trash collection services - the annual estimated cost is $232,000.

There would also be the opportunity for separate pickup of yard waste and leaves citywide. In a letter to City Administrator Donna D. Owens, the city was quoted prices for 32 weeks of yard waste pickup and five weeks of leaf pickup. The leaf pickup by Modern would be in addition to the leaf pickup done by city crews, which is slated to continue.

The increase in the annual cost from all of the added services would be about $381,000, raising the total the city would pay Modern to an estimated $3.1 million per year under the new deal. The additional costs just for this year would be $167,400.

Overall, the new costs would wipe out the vast majority of the projected savings of $500,000 per year originally touted by the administration.

The City Council is expected to take up the administration’s proposal when it meets Monday.

The Council also will hold a public hearing at 4 p.m. July 14 on the proposed changes to city codes needed to enact the changes in the recycling and garbage program. The hearing will be held in Council Chambers in City Hall, 745 Main St.

A pdf of the proposed law is available here.


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