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Niagara Falls Culinary Institute to hold open house next week

Niagara County Community College's Niagara Falls Culinary Institute will hold an open house for prospective students from 6 to 8 p.m. Nov. 13.

The event will include tours of the Old Falls Street campus, workshops on financial aid, information on student housing and the chance to meet faculty and students.

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Medians on John Daly Boulevard present traffic safety, aesthetic issues

NIAGARA FALLS - James Bradley was behind the wheel of his car Thursday night as he and his fiancee were leaving Seneca Niagara Casino.

Bradley's fiancee was driving the car ahead of his, as they were trying to cross John Daly Boulevard to head up Falls Street.

It was about 1:30 a.m., Bradley said, and his fiancee's vehicle moved out slowly halfway across John Daly Boulevard. That was when her car was nearly struck by two vehicles going at least 40 mph down John Daly.

"This is a tragedy in the making," Bradley, a 10th Street resident, told the City Council on Monday night.

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Niagara Falls lawmakers to tackle proposed sale of city land for housing

The Niagara Falls City Council on Monday will consider the proposed sale of four city-owned parcels to a Syracuse-based non-profit planning housing units downtown.

Housing Visions has proposed buying 524, 527, 530 and 531 Seventh Street for a total of $2,000.

This story I wrote in July described the proposal.

State formalizes plans to remove section of Robert Moses Parkway

Updated 2:14 p.m.

The state parks office today released the final version of a report formalizing a decision announced earlier this year to remove a two-mile stretch of the Robert Moses Parkway.

The issuance of a final scoping report is a procedural step which allows the state to begin design work on what has been called the first phase of planned changes to the parkway, taking out the stretch of highway between Main Street and Findlay Drive in the city's North End.

It will be replaced with a multi-use nature trail for pedestrians, bicyclists, cross-country skiers and others.

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Video: Hamister optimistic on Niagara Falls

Mark Hamister says he believes after years of plans to turn around Niagara Falls, today it is more than just talk.

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Video: The City of Niagara Falls promotes itself in commercials

The City of Niagara Falls is selling itself to new residents in two new commercials.

The commercials are for the Live NF program, which will pay some student loan debt for recent college graduates who move to the city.

A 30-second version and two-minute version were released earlier this month. Local television stations - including WGRZ, WIVB, WKBW and YNN, as well as OSC 21 on Time Warner Cable - have agreed to air the commercials as public service announcements.

The commercials, which feature city residents and businesses, are part of a proactive effort, said Seth Piccirillo, director of the city's Community Development Department.

"Attracting and retaining people and businesses is a competition," Piccirillo said in an email. "We are competing with the rest of the country and Canada. We need to act like it."

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Niagara Falls headlines from over the weekend


Niagara Falls police joining federal fugitive task force

Niagara Falls and Wilson high schools find harmony as they ‘Sing for the Cure’

Niagara Falls police augmenting ability to deter theft in tourist season

Elevator, maintenance barn planned under next year's school budget

State looking to resurface two main roads in Niagara Falls

Food Bank and schools team up to give students food for weekends

Maid of the Mist offers free rides during extended season

Organized labor plans rally for 'Niagara's future'

A public rally is planned for 8:30 a.m. Oct. 26 in front of the Culinary Institute Niagara Falls, 28 Old Falls St.

The event is being called a "Rally for Niagara's Future & Our Children's Future."

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New website promotes Niagara Falls region

A new website is promoting Niagara Falls and the surrounding area for potential visitors. includes information about attractions and lodging, as well as "news" items about recent area history.

The site is produced by Bob Koshinski, the vice president and general manager of WBBZ-TV.

Some weekend headlines from Niagara Falls

South End parcels on auction block

Pink falls on Friday will be part of effort to raise funds for breast cancer research

Author discusses Falls connection to children’s book

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