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Clearing the fog about Friday's strange weather

   If you were downtown Friday night, chances are you weren't seeing too well. And it wasn't just along Chippewa Street.

   It was caused by your common variety fog, not surprising for a city built on a lake, but rare enough that people take notice.

   Over at Dunn Tire Park, the Bisons were leading 1-0 in the top of the ninth, ready to take a victory over Scranton, when a normally catchable fly ball scored a run. When the fog grew worse, and the leftfielder could no longer see home plate, the game was called with two out and the scored tied, 1-1 in the bottom of the ninth.

   Meteorologist Dave Sage at the Buffalo office of the National Weather Service said the fog was caused by warm lake temperatures and cooler readings over land.

   "Sometimes we get a marine layer off Lake Erie," Sage said. "The lake is up to 70 degrees. If you cool down into the 60s, the whole layer along the lakeshore becomes saturated with that layer."

   Cue the fog machine. A bit of a wind, and it rolls right in.

   By dawn, the fog cleared and the Bisons on Saturday afternoon resumed their game. They won it, 2-1.

  -- Michael Beebe

The return of cool

After a week or seasonal or above-average temperatures, cool returns to the area this week.

A cold front swinging through Western New York today promises to bring temperatures some 10 to 15 degrees cooler than normal for this time of the year Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs aren't forecast to climb much above 60 degrees either day.

Chilly is the word for Wednesday night. Lows are forecast to drop into the mid-40s to 50. A gradual warmup into the high 60s and low 70s is exected by the end of the week.

--- John F. Bonfatti

We're getting close to the heat advisory criteria

For much of Western New York, this will be the hottest, most uncomfortable day so far this year.

While the high temperatures close to Buffalo were projected to be in the mid-70s, go a few more miles inland and temperatures were already flirting with 90 by noon.

Throw in high dewpoints, and heat index numbers were closer to 100, which is just under where the National Weather Service would issue a heat advisory.

One more muggy night is in store for much of the area. A front is scheduled to pass through Tuesday afternoon or evening, which will usher in more moderate temperatures, and abundant sunshine, for the middle of the week.

--- John F. Bonfatti

Record heat Friday?

Forecasters have been predicting a heat-up for Friday for several days now. How hot will it get?

The Weather Service's latest forecast discussion says it's possible we'll break the record for June 6. That mark, 90 degrees, goes back 52 years. Further east, in parts of the Genesee Valley, high temperatures are forecast to be even warmer.

Temperatures are forecast to remain well above normal through the weekend. Overnight lows should be in the mid-60s. Right now, Sunday looks like the best of the two days.

--- John F. Bonfatti

Just a reminder

We covered this in a previous blog, but it's worthy of a reminder: the National Weather Service is having its open house this Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Weather Service office, 587 Aero Drive, Cheektowaga.

Those who attended the last open house will see a newly-redone interior, as well as new family-friendly exhibits outside in the parking lot under tents.

These have been very well attended in the past, which tells me a lot of people have more than a passing interest in weather forecast. If you're one of those types, and you're looking for something a little different to do this weekend, check it out.

More information can be found here.

--- John F. Bonfatti

Wackiness continues

The nutty weather continued yesterday.

Friday and Saturday: Lovely

Sunday: Not so much

I showed my friend, a new intern here at the News, Buffalo's new beach. It's so repetative to say, but we're both beach-loving Floridians so I just had to show her. The weather did not make a good impression on her. It was windy, dreary and freezing. Beaches are breezy, bright and hot.

Today's weather is a lot more uplifting. The sun hasn't hid yet this morning and will warm us all to a high of 70. It's expected to get partly cloudy from 1 to 6 p.m. Enjoy the sun before it goes M.I.A.

---Natalie Morera

May roundup

After the third-warmest April in the city's weather history, May turned out to be a letdown.

The month's average temperature was 53.4 degrees, which is 3.6 degrees below normal. Historically, there is a 12-degree difference in the average temperature for April and the average temperature for May. This year, it was 2.5 degrees, the smallest difference since 1945.

May even had fewer 70-degree days (7) than April (9). May's highest temperature was 75 degrees, and that's the lowest high temperature in May since 1997.

Monthly precipitation was 2.54 inches, and .95 inches of that came on the last day of the month. Normal May precipitatin is 3.35 inches.

Sunshine was also about eight percent above normal, with 66 percent of the available.

--- John F. Bonfatti