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One of city's oldest records broken

The high temperatures at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport hit 88 degrees at 4 p.m. this afternoon, breaking the old record for the date by one degree.

The old record was set 1877, only six years after the government opened a weather bureau in Buffalo. National Weather Service personnel confirmed this was one of the oldest records in the city's recorded weather history.

--- John F. Bonfatti

It's gonna be a cool night ...

   We interrupt our communal whining about how rainy it has been this summer to bring you the following news: It's going to be cold as all get-out tonight.

   The National Weather Service says the low temperature overnight will be 47 degrees.

   That would be our first foray into the 40s in quite some time. But there's no need to start looking for your mittens; summer still has a month to go and temperatures are predicted to bounce all the way back to the mid-80s by Thursday.

   In the meantime, get out another blanket and turn off the A/C.

   --- Bruce Andriatch

On this date ...

... in 1926, a nasty evening thunderstorm blew through the area, with lightning touching off several barn fires in Angola and Eden, 50-mph gusts knocking down telephone poles and flash floods overwhelming Hertel Avenue.

That's the kind of detail you'll find under Buffalo Weather history at the Web site for the National Weather Service's Buffalo office.

It won't tell you everything that happened on every Aug. 6 in the city's recorded weather history, but you can pick any date, and it will show you a year (sometimes two) when particularly memorable weather occurred on that date.

--- John F. Bonfatti

Buffalo in July: A weather recap


That's what the statistics compiled by the National Weather Service office at Buffalo Niagara International Airport show for July. The rainfall total at the airport, 2.80 inches, was actually slightly below normal.

But go a few miles north of Cheektowaga, and you might find a different story.

Widely scattered, but at times intense, showers were a staple the third week of the month, and the Weather Service reports that as much as 6 inches fell in places like Amherst and Clarence.

The monthly average temperature, 71.4 degrees, was just slightly above normal. The airport saw two-thirds of the available sunshine, which is almost exactly normal.

All those hit-and-miss storms  led to a bumper crop of thunderstorms. In June and July, the Weather Service reported 17 days with thunder. Normally there might be 11 or 12.

--- John F. Bonfatti