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Ice work at HSBC

1223002319 In this day and age, serves me right for not carrying a camera at all times or having a cell phone to do the trick. So the AP's Bob Matuszak comes through for me with this shot (left).

It's after 11 p.m. in HSBC Arena following the Sabres-Panthers games. The board ads have all been stripped and new ones are going up. Circular goal creases have been painted.

And the picture taken from on high in the press box shows the biggie -- the Sabres logo at center ice is in the process of being painted over so the World Junior Championships logo can replace it. The words "HSBC Arena" are also being rubbed out.

Pretty huge undertaking. Details, details, details. Wonder if they have to spray everything over again and put the Sabres logo back for the Jan. 1 game or if the Sabres and Bruins are just going to play with the Worlds logo at center ice. Interesting.

---Mike Harrington


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