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Swedish blogger's comments drawing heat

Move over Emerson Etem, now someone else is slamming Buffalo and annoying the more sensitive residents of our fair city.

Etem, of course, is the 18-year-old member of Team USA from Long Beach, California, who tweeted on Monday that Buffalo is a "ghost town" and the "worst city ever."

He apologized to reporters on Tuesday, and was rewarded with boos from the crowd at HSBC Arena for Tuesday night's game against Slovakia.

Now, Swedish hockey blogger Uffe Bodin is drawing heat for a post he wrote Monday calling Buffalo a vulgar, two-word term that could be defined as a "rudimentary toilet."

Bodin, who is in town to cover the junior tournament, begins by saying that his visit to Buffalo reminds him of the bleak city described in "[Excrement] Towne," a song by Live.

"Coming to Buffalo was like falling into a scene from the movie '28 Days Later' (minus all the zombies)," he wrote, according to a rough Swedish-to-English translation of the blog post on the site, as provided by Google Translate.

Technically, he only quotes a Finnish colleague who uses the vulgar term before going on to say if you take "one exit wrong" from the highway "you find yourself in a very, very, very scary ghetto."

This unnamed colleague compliments HSBC Arena as a "nice arena" but said downtown is a "ghost city" after 6 p.m. -- haunted by the spirit of William McKinley? -- and he would feel safer walking in Moscow at night.

Bodin goes on to joke that at least he hasn't been robbed or beaten up -- "yet" -- before saying in all seriousness that he has been treated well by everyone he's met here.

"Unlike in Sweden, all outgoing and social. One can easily start a conversation with a stranger without having to feel as Thomas Quick," he wrote. (Quick is an infamous Swedish serial killer, we learned.)

Naturally, as Buffalonians have picked up on this latest slur directed at our hometown, they've reached out to Bodin via Twitter to try to help him see the error of his ways.

-- Stephen T. Watson

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